Lowden F-35

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Back and sides: Walnut
Top: Sinker Redwood

The 35 Series is comprised of 23 different models that are delineated by their wood combination. There are 10 woods available for the back and sides and 5 for the top, however, no one back and sides wood is available with all of the top woods, and only one combination (Indian Rosewood (WL)/Sitka Spruce) is available in all three body sizes. The woods used in the 35 series are also of a higher grade (always AAAA if not higher) and the aesthetic appointments are more complex. The bindings of the 35 series are usually figured maple, but can also be Koa, Figured Mahogany, Santos Rosewood or Tasmanian Blackwood depending on what looks best with the back and sides and top. 35 Series guitars also have purflings on the sides as well as the top, an abalone/ebony rosette, a maple bound ebony fingerboard, ebony front and back headstock facings and a 1mm thick back centre seam. Finally, the 35 series also has more custom options than the Original Series with the soundbox bevel and the finger style neck being available.

The ‘F’ model was first designed in 1982 and then redesigned in 2003. The smaller soundbox shape produces more projection and midrange response than the ‘O’ making it perfect for flat pickers but it has also found its way into the hands of finger style players, blues guitarists and others. The soundbox geometry is designed, and the bracing voiced to have a flat bias, favouring neither treble or bass.

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