Can you source a guitar that is not currently on your website?

Our focus is really on premium guitars (new & pre-owned) and we can source many premium brands such as Martin, Taylor, Casimi, Santa Cruz, Lowden, Larrivee, PRS, Fender, McPherson, Gibson, Maingard, Breedlove and many more.  We are also in contact with clients who are looking to sell some amazing guitars.  Let us know what you are looking for and we will try to find it.

 Do the guitars sold by Guitar Gallery carry a warranty?  

All new guitars will carry a warranty as specified by the manufacturer, with terms and conditions.

 What are your operating hours?

We are different to a normal walk in store and operate on an appointment basis only.  The appointments are scheduled during the evenings, weekends, or public holidays.

 How long will it take for you to respond to an e-mail request?

We aim to respond within 24 hrs.

 Why do most of your acoustic guitars not have pickups?

The first step is to find an instrument that sounds amazing without any amplification.  Some people prefer a microphone in front of their guitar and would therefore not want a pickup fitted.  If your needs require a pickup system then you can fit a non-invasive pickup (LR Baggs, Fishman, K&K) which will transmit a natural acoustic tone to your PA system.  Fitting an after-market pickup provides you with choice, and allows for upgrades as technology improves. 

 How do I buy from Guitar Gallery?

This website is a virtual showroom of what we want you to experience when you come to the Guitar Gallery in Lonehill (Johannesburg).  We believe you have to hear, feel, smell, and see a guitar before making the investment.  Make an appointment to visit Guitar Gallery and experience some amazing guitars.  

We also do understand that it is not always practical to travel to Johannesburg and we have therefore created an online buying option for our clients.  Our reputation should also put you at ease since we only except guitars that meets our required standard.  Guitar Gallery also produces custom videos of various guitars for our clients to view before making the purchase.

    • Our online payment options include:  Fastpay (Credit Card), I-Pay, EFT.
    • The payment options at our shop include:  EFT, Cash, Credit Card

 Can Guitar Gallery help me to sell my high end Guitar?

We are passionate about high end guitars and we want to be your total guitar solution, and that would include helping you to sell your amazing guitar.  We will work with you to eliminate potential risks during the selling process, and find the right customer at the right price.  There are some great sites and facebook pages out there for selling used guitars and gear, but they are not necessarily targeting the right audience for selling high end guitars.  The high end market is very niche and very specific.

Guitar Gallery has established a guitar community which continuous to expand, and who understands and appreciate high end guitars such as Martin, Gibson, Collings, Santa Cruz, Bourgeois, Lowden, Taylor, Fender, and many more.  We are continuously optimizing our internet site to ensure that our guitars are visible to potential buyers.  Advertisements are run for both our internet site and facebook page to find the high end guitar customer who will appreciate your guitar.

Contact us at Guitar Gallery if you would like to sell your high end guitar and we will help you to achieve the best deal possible.