Gretsch Country Club (1962)

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Guitar Gallery is the number one guitar store in South Africa when it comes to high end and vintage guitars.  We have this pre-owned Gretsch Country Club (1962) in stock.  The 1962 Country Club pictured here—serial number 47040—has the features most often associated with Gretsches of that year, including a “cushioned for comfort” back pad that hid a hole designed to provide easy access to the interior wiring, a built-in string mute, and a standby switch. The gold Filter’Tron humbuckers (replacing single-coil DeArmonds), Space Control bridge (replacing the Melita), and ebony fretboard with Neo-Classic inlays had been standard since 1958. Instead of the stock “G” tailpiece, this guitar sports a non-original Bigsby vibrato.