Martin HD-28E Reimagined - Hardie Thiart, Pretoria

February 06, 2019 1 min read

Martin HD-28E Reimagined - Hardie Thiart, Pretoria

I just need to acknowledge that Guitar Gallery lived up to their promises. I have done an in depth study during my selection process and used the Martin HD-28 E as the bases to compare other guitar brands with. I have been referenced to Guitar Gallery via the Martin website and contacted them during December 2018 with the knowledge that this specific Dreadnought is not available in South Africa. Stephan assured me that the HD28E with the forward shifted scalloped bracing system is an absolute winner and is definitely one of their favourite Dreadnought guitars.

I was impressed with the way Stephan kept me informed during the tracking process of my guitar and I received it early January 2019.

For me it was not just a transaction but more of a personal experience during the hand over process and thank you Stephan for your hospitality.   

I am now a proud owner of a fully setup Martin HD-28 E (LR Baggs Anthem) with forward bracings and again thank you Stephan.