Martin HD-28 E Retro - Andrew Davies, Botswana

January 08, 2019 1 min read

Martin HD-28 E Retro - Andrew Davies, Botswana

Thanks to Stephan I now am the proud owner of a Martin HD 28 E Retro acoustic guitar! The guitar is a 2nd hand 2012 Model in mint condition. This incredible guitar was recommended to me by Stephan over a series of conversations about my budget, preferences and playing style.

I live in Botswana so the entire transaction took place through email, phone and WhatsApp. Stephan was always professional, friendly, informative and available to answer questions. There is so much to know when choosing a guitar, wood type, bracing, set up, etc and Stephan made it all simple and easy to understand for me.

Stephan went the extra mile for me by acquiring consumables for the guitar such as spare strings, bridge pins, plectrums, humidity meters and a cool guitar strap.

I am a novice guitar player and was looking to take the next step up with a solid wood instrument. I can’t believe how easy the action on this guitar is compared to my previous “cheap” guitar. It is really chalk and cheese! I am enjoying playing so much now and am reaping the benefits of my investment.

I couldn’t recommend Guitar Gallery and Stephan enough to anyone looking to take their playing to the next level with a quality instrument. I’ll definitely be adding a few more Guitar Gallery guitars to my collection in the coming years!

Martin HD-28E Retro