Taylor 814CE - Dr JC Coetzee, Pretoria

November 23, 2020 2 min read

Taylor 814CE

I recently had the privilege of purchasing a Taylor 814ce 2006 model from Guitar Gallery. I was browsing the internet for hours looking for a reputable dealer of high end guitars. When I saw the awesome collection of high-end guitars on GuitarGallery.co.za I knew I would find the right acoustic guitar there. Stephan was very helpful. He sent me the pricelist on the same day I contacted them and I saw him the next day. In a quiet and comfortable setting, I could try out a number of the models they had in stock. The Taylor 814ce had just arrived. I narrowed the range down to a few models that fit my sound preference. I then did a blind playing of the models. I also had Stephan play the models and I just listened. This process really gave me the opportunity to choose the best playing and sounding guitar to fit my ears and hands. I would highly recommend doing a blind playing and listening of a few guitars before purchasing one. This is something you often can’t do in a regular guitar shop. The Taylor 814ce really stood out. The solid Rosewood body with Spruce top (matured 14 years) just sounded amazing. These high-end acoustic guitars really get better with age. I decided that she is the one. I also purchased a humidifier and a very comfortable all leather strap from Guitar Gallery. All in all, I am very happy with the purchase the Taylor 814ce, a new lifelong companion and a quality instrument. Do yourself a favour and drop in at Guitar Gallery and experience the quality instruments on offer. I highly recommend them.