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Radial PZ-Pre - Elton Bloye, Johannesburg

I lead worship at a small church in Johannesburg, and play a cedar-topped dreadnought. Although I love the guitar's tone, it can sound fairly dark with indistinct note separation when strumming hard.  The result is that the tone sometimes struggles to cut through a mix with a lot of instruments. I approached Stephan at Guitar Gallery with my problem, and received some spectacular advice on a number of technical facets (over a warm cup of coffee!). Stephan listened to the details of the issue, explained some amplification concepts, and then recommended the Radial PZ-Deluxe DI. This piece of kit has really brought a new dimension to my guitar's amplified tone. Although not the most expensive of acoustic DI's available at Guitar Gallery, he explained to me that the Deluxe model of the Radial PZ range was adequate for my needs. I only need one guitar input, and the on-board EQ with low-cut filter allows me to bring some brightness into what is normally a fairly dark toned guitar. In addition, the boost circuit allows some extra cutting power on tap, when playing finger-style arpeggios in the softer songs. This DI is the perfect companion for my guitar, and I cannot recommend Guitar Gallery highly enough. Quality advice, quality products, and quality coffee!