Larrivee OM-40R (Moonspruce) - Andrew Timberlake, Johannesburg

March 09, 2017 1 min read

Larrivee OM-40R Moonspruce

Purchasing a guitar from Guitar Gallery was a fantastic experience. After discussing my budget, Stephan brought out a range of guitars to try. The highlight was when he had me close my eyes and listen to random guitars which he played. This allowed me to choose based on tone rather than my pre-conceived ideas about brand or wood. The real magic for me happened when he included my own guitar in the mix and told me if I chose my own guitar, it would be the cheapest purchase ever ;-) Now I knew I was working with someone who was more passionate about me getting the right guitar than making a sale. Stephan and his friends who he put me in touch with to setup the guitar are not only passionate and knowledgeable about guitars, they are friendly and willing to share that knowledge freely. I am super happy with my new Larrivée OM-40R which stood out consistently for me in the blind tone tests.