Martin D-18 - Doug Place, Johannesburg

June 05, 2016 1 min read

Martin D-18 Sunburst

"I have been playing guitar for more than two decades. I spent most of my school and varsity holidays holed up in guitar stores playing instruments I couldn't afford and hanging out with other suitably guitar tone afflicted victims. Since the dawn of the Internet, the ability to source, listen to, and binge on guitar related information has exploded. Sadly, that explosion has had an impact on the local music store - that place which was once filled with a huge variety, knowledgeable staff, and great service has become a place of largely meaningless variety and poorly equipped staff. Thank goodness then for Guitar Gallery! The store hours are way more convenient (Evenings and Weekends). Stephan is as knowledgeable as he is kind and generous. I took almost a year to buy a guitar from him, despite prevailing upon him at all hours of the day to "try once more" the full range of his eye wateringly gorgeous catalogue (including his own personal instruments!). And even after I had made a commitment to purchase he cautioned me and invited me to think it over should I so desire. This is a far cry away from being pressured to purchase overly priced instruments from stores manned by largely unhelpful staff!   I'm no longer a student with acres of time to spend in stores playing instruments I can't afford - but that old timeless feeling of being in the company of people passionate about the instrument and it's tonal dexterity has made  welcome return. Long live Guitar Gallery."