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I was looking for a guitar for quite a long time, and my husband found the website "Guitar Gallery". I immediately requested a price on a guitar that I had in mind, and they replied within hours. I started to walk the road with Stephan, and for the first time a could feel that he is interested in assisting me to buy the correct guitar, that fits my budget, my way of playing and also understanding the setup that I am playing in. This really is exceptional. Not only did he listen to what I said, he also exposed me to other guitars so I can make up my mind, and be very sure that I got the correct guitar.He spent time with me and I was in awe of how much I still have to learn about guitars and playing them, never have a felt that he just wanted to sell a guitar to me, it was about making this experience of buying a guitar exceptional. Isn't that what we are looking for? Do yourself the favor and buy your next guitar from "Guitar Gallery"!!! I love my Martin RSGT000, and will always be "Guitar Gallery" and Stephan's best FAN!!