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Larrivee D-40R - Cameron Bruce, Johannesburg

I got my Larrivee D40-R from Stephan at Guitar Gallery. The process was great. I really enjoyed going to his place to find over 10 guitars laid out ready for me to play. Stephan offered me a coffee and I immediately got playing on a Martin D28 convinced that was the guitar I needed! I then tried a couple others and arrived at the Larrivee giving it the standard E chord, 1 time strum and felt the resonance in my stomach. Stephan was patient allowing me to do what I needed to and I think if I hadn't eventually gotten up to leave we could have sat there all night talking guitars. If you're buying an acoustic guitar, Stephan is the man to go to, knowledgeable on all the instruments he has in stock, a wide range of great high end professional instruments and hospitable! You'll definitely find the right guitar for you!