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Widest Selection of Martin Guitars in South Africa

Guitar Gallery has the widest selection of pre-owned and new Martin guitars in South Africa.  Some of our pre-owned models include:  Martin D-28 (1965), Martin 00-21 (1961), Martin OM-28 Custom, Martin HD-28 (1993), D-28 (1971), Martin CEO7, Martin DCPA4R, Martin HD-28VA, GPCPA1 Custom, etc.

Our new models include:  Martin D-28, Martin D-18, Martin 000-18, Martin OM-28, Martin 000-15m, Martin D-15S, Martin GPCPA4, Martin GPCPA4R, Martin OMCPA4, Martin DRS-2, Martin OM-21, Martin 00-17L, Martin LX1e, Martin LX1e Ed Sheeran, etc.

We can also source any Martin model for you and just to list a few:  Martin D-45, Martin OM-42, Martin OM-45, Martin 000-42, Martin HD-28V, Martin 000-28, Martin 00-28V, Martin 000-28 EC, Martin D-42, Martin D-35, Martin D-41, Martin D-18 GE, etc.

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