Guitar Gallery has the widest selection of Martin Guitars in South Africa

February 11, 2019 1 min read

Martin Ceo-7

If you are looking to buy a Martin guitar then Guitar Gallery is the only place for you.  We have a wide selection of Martin and other high end guitars which will allow you to compare and make an informed decision about your next instrument.  It is almost impossible to buy a guitar from a catalogue since you have to experience the guitar. Guitar Gallery also maintains the highest quality standards, and all our guitars are inspected by guitar technicians and Luthiers to ensure correct neck angles and perform setups that allows for optimal tone and playability.  

Our new Martin order arrived today: Martin D-41 (Reimagined), Martin HD-28 (Reimagined), Martin 000-28 EC (Sold), Martin CEO-7, Martin D-28 E (Reimagined). Guitar Gallery stocks the widest selection of Martin guitars in South Africa. See our latest arrivals for more information and prices: