Larrivee OM-40 Rosewood - Hugh Goosen, Rivonia

September 26, 2018 1 min read

Larrivee OM-40R

Buying a high end guitar is a huge undertaking. You are investing a significant amount of money into what you would like to believe is the best fit for you. A retail store, with ambient noise, constant interruptions and salespersons with (sometimes) limited information or an alternative agenda is not the right place to make your decision.

At Guitar Gallery, I was given the opportunity to thoroughly scrutinize and investigate every instrument on my shortlist in a quiet, stress-free and informative environment. Once I had narrowed my choices down to two, Stephan’s blind test enabled me to make my final decision with ease. I would highly recommend giving Guitar Gallery a try. And of course, if you are shopping and are hard-pressed to choose, there is only one way: Larrivee!