Gibson J-45 True Vintage - Andrew Michael, Durban

April 23, 2017 2 min read

Gibson J-45 True Vintage

Owning a Gibson J45 has been my desire ever since I started leading church worship with a guitar. My journey with Guitar gallery began last year when I made an online enquiry for the Martin OM21. I did tell Stephan shortly after that I really wanted a J45. Stephan was honest in that he didn't handle much of Gibson and introduced me to the equivalent Martin D18. Months passed as I deliberated about the Martin D18 occasionally asking Stephan questions about and other guitars. What I appreciated was Stephan not hounding me into considering the Martin. He kept in touch but with no pressure. Then last week the "golden mail" arrived. Stephan told me he was getting a Gibson J45 True Vintage. I immediately responded and my journey to finally owning the J45 began. Stephan was excellent in his customer service. We agreed price and other additions with ease. I drove up to JHB and met Stephan and was then introduced to Stefan. These two gentlemen were courteous, accommodating and patient. I loved the fact that they laid out all the guitars for me to look at and play at leisure. They helped with technical advice and answered all my questions. They didn't allow me to have any doubt in my mind about choosing the J45. I also requested accessories and they arranged that for me. Both gentlemen accompanied me to the technician in Pretoria to have the fitments done by Zohn Genade. They stayed with me until it was complete, made sure I was completely satisfied. That is excellent service. I recommend them to anyone who is serious about quality premium guitars.  Thanks Stephan and Stefan.