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Bottomless Coffee Band - Guitar Gallery Ambasador

We are so proud to have the Bottomless Coffee Band as a Guitar Gallery Ambassador! The style of the Bottomless Coffee Band can be described as acoustic folk-rock and afro-blues. They refer to it as gourmet music. This term captures our vision as musicians: to produce an organic sound that is true to themselves, that encourages good times, evokes emotion and sparks deeds of love, hope and change.

They have a great love for instruments; Currently they play 12 instruments between the two of them, gracing the stage with an impressive display of music-making gadgets, and allowing the sound of a full band. Their instruments include the Farmer foot drums, acoustic and electric guitar, banjo, acoustic bass, U-Bass (aka basselele), accordion, ukulele, harmonica, glockenspiel, melodica and various percussion instruments. They also sing, whilst playing the mentioned instruments. 


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